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The African and African American Faculty and Staff Association (AAAFSA) welcomes faculty, staff, students and administrators of all backgrounds who share in our commitment to the future of Arizona State University, and the global community of which ASU is part.

We believe that the advancement of Black and African descended people in their professional and academic development is essential to the greater good of Arizona and our nation. To this end, we offer full participation in the pursuit the University’s goal to be known for whom it includes and how they succeed.

The AAAFSA is committed to promoting and enhancing a sense of community and equality at Arizona State University. We strive to accomplish this by:

  1. Sharing and celebrating the scholarship, discoveries and accomplishments of ASU faculty, staff and students.
  2. Creating opportunities for people of African descent at ASU to build ties with one another and collectively strengthen the University’s goal of positive race relations based on an understanding and respect for human dignity.
  3. Providing an open forum for discussing important issues which affect people who identify as Black or of African descent at ASU and relaying these concerns to university administrators.
  4. Developing ongoing support networks that lend to the success of faculty, staff and students who are of African descent.
  5. Maintaining productive working relations with University departments, ASU alumni, local community groups, and faculty, administrators, and staff at other institutions.

LIFT action items

SPP 601 – The ASU Policy on Release Time for Professional Development/Learning/Mentorship includes participation in university affinity groups and mentorship programs that support under-represented staff and students, and more!

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