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Faculty Women of Color Caucus

Faculty Women of Color Caucus

Investing in people, policies and programs that advance inclusion

The Arizona State University Faculty Women of Color Caucus (FWOCC) is a gathering of faculty from across all ASU campuses, working together to plan and host forums for students, staff, faculty and administrators, to discuss vital issues, research and ideas in critical, healthy and inviting settings.

Fostering an ethos of dignity and collaborative trust

FWOCC is committed to fostering an ethos of dignity and collaborative trust in our collective endeavors, to respond to issues that might otherwise erupt in ways not conducive to the inclusive and educational climate we are creating.

Acknowledging scholarship as fundamental to ASU's culture of inclusivity

As members of FWOCC, we are rooted in our shared capacities as scholars. We are committed to supporting ongoing innovation and improvement of the climate at ASU through dialogue and positive action, informed by powerful scholarly research and creative activity.

Creating a new vocabulary for engaged and inclusive response

In an inclusive university culture, our identities should no longer find themselves simply "on the table" as topics of debate or discussion. Through engaged and inclusive responses, FWOCC is working together with the ASU community to constitute and re/create the ways in which we interact as a culture that embraces diversity in every part of our work.

Contact us

For more information, please contact us at fwocc@asu.edu.

"We have to learn how to communicate and teach between all ethnic and cultural perspectives. Not with a dominant cultural perspective and marginal alternative cultural perspectives, but across all of these. We have not figured out how to do this. We need to embrace cultural diversification in American and change the culture of the university as a critical first step."

— ASU President Michael Crow
from ASU Diversity Plan, updated June 2013