Faculty Women of Color Caucus

FWOCC Scholar in Residence 2020: Menah Pratt-Clarke

Keynote address from February 18, 2020: "'A Black Woman's Journey from Cotton Picking to College Professor': Lessons about Race, Gender, and Class in American Higher Education"

The Diversity Blues: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

The Diversity Blues; Eduardo Bonilla-Silva from Arizona State University on Vimeo.

FWOCC Scholar in Residence 2019: Dorothy E. Roberts

"Killing the Black Body" revisited in the era of Black Lives Matter.

FWOCC Scholar Residency 2018: Dr. Nancy Rusty Barcelo

Repositioning equity and diversity during an era of national retreat/reduction.

FWOCC Scholar in Residence 2017: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

The diversity blues reframing the diversity agenda.

FWOCC Scholar in Residence 2016: Derald Wing Sue

Microaggressions in higher education.

FWOCC Dialogue 2016: Creating success by whom we include

FWOCC 2016 Workshop: Microaggressions in higher education

Saskias Casanova and Keon McGuire