Committee for Campus Inclusion

Catalyst Grants

The Committee for Campus Inclusion Catalyst Grants are for Arizona State University projects, programs, and events that are aligned with the mission and objectives of our committee. We invite all eligible parties to apply.

Our grants are intended to facilitate an inclusive environment through education and outreach, scholarship and practice, strategies and solutions.

We are no longer accepting grant applications. Questions? Connect with us at


Typically, funds will be awarded in the amount of $200 - $2000

Programs sponsored by multiple organizations, and/or whose focus is toward a broad audience, will receive greater consideration than programs with a limited audience.

Preference will be given to programs/projects open to the campus community.

Applicants must show how their project addresses the mission of CCI and other criteria as described in the application materials.

Funds cannot be transferred to any other accounts (e.g. foundation or state accounts). Only ASU LOCAL accounts are acceptable. 

CCI will only accept applications submitted by recognized campus groups or individuals.

Applications must be submitted via the online submission process to the CCI Catalyst Grants Committee. Applications will open December 2023.

All publicity about the project or event must list CCI as a sponsor.

All applications must include the following:

  1. Project Description
  2. Project Action Plan and Deliverables Summary
  3. Team and Resources Information
  4. Budget and Justification Information

Funds will revert to the Committee for Campus Inclusion if:

  1. The event/project sponsored by the committee is canceled, or;
  2. The allocated funds are used for purposes other than those stipulated and approved;
  3. Are not scheduled for payment by April 30th, 2023

A written request for changes in the allocation of approved funds must be submitted to the CCI before the scheduled event/project takes place.

A brief description of grant outcomes/accomplishments along with receipts must be submitted within 30 days from completion of the project. All Payments must be scheduled by April 30th, and reconciliation with the Office of Inclusive Excellence must be completed by May 30th, 2023.

By submitting this application, you authorize the CCI to use it or excerpts from it for research, archival and promotional purposes.