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Inclusive Excellence

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Embracing our community

Arizona State University is deeply committed to our position as a New American University by enabling academic excellence, accessibility, and impact in communities around the world. This commitment is rooted in an academic experience in which our students are exposed to and learn from ideas and solutions from a wide range of perspectives.


A New American University

A new model for the American research university, creating an institution committed to excellence, access and impact; catalyzing social transformation, entrepreneurship and research to address society’s biggest challenges.

ASU Charter


Accelerating meaningful commitment and collaboration

Hispanic Serving Institution Designation

We embrace the culture of our community and catalyze social change through deepened partnership and collaborations in support of our hispanic community.
Pathways to opportunity

Listen, Invest, Facilitate and Teach Initiative

In order to accelerate meaningful change in alignment with a national agenda for social justice, we committed to a series of actions to enhance access, growth, and opportunity for our black community.
Our Commitment

ASU Advance

Funded by the National Science Foundation, Advance translates the commitment of equity and inclusion in our Charter to that of faculty at all career stages.
Faculty resources and tools

Center for the Study of Race and Democracy

As the only entity in the state to position race and democracy in direct relation with each other, the center facilitates powerful and informed dialogues that deepen our understanding of historical issues and possibilities.
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